Why wedding gifts and birthday gifts cannot be the same?

Marriage happens only once. It is an indispensible part of social life. It is the highlight amidst social events and functions. No one attends a wedding without a proper gift as a blessing to the newly wed. Attending a wedding ceremony without gifts will be like walking through a wedding venue without glittering lights and lamps. Therefore, wedding gifts are important towards shaping the social behavior and etiquette.

birthday gifts

Choosing gifts for wedding functions is a rigorous task. Wedding Gifts has a lot to convey to the wedding couple depending on their relationship with the gift giver. It expresses blessings, appreciation, congratulations and good wishes as per factors like the gift item, the age of gift givers and their relationship with the recipients.

birthday gifts1

Some people also take into consideration the venue and how grand the wedding ceremony is while selecting gifts for the wedding couple. Another section considers their budget while selecting wedding gifts. If you are picky and choosy we recommend you not to go crowded gift market as you will end up getting more confused. A gift market is like a storehouse of multiple different gift items that is exclusive, unique, creative and charming to ordinary.

birthday gifts2

You can not choose the same birthday gifts for friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, teachers and cousins. There are different items for different persons on such occasions. Gifts for friends are generally funny and amusing. Gifts for the birthdays of siblings and younger cousins are educative and entertaining in essence. Gift items intended for parents’ birthdays are full of love and honor. And finally, gifts for teachers and grandparents supposed to be thoughtful.


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