Unique Essence of Wedding Gifts and Ideas

Wedding gifts are the perfect way of showing your appreciation and care for the newly wed couple. Think out of the box and come up with unique ideas that will make you stand out for other couples and will always be remembered for the thoughtful gift.Your gift can be shared by both the bride and groom. Just make sure that it is able to create the perfect memory of the wedding day. Try to get a unique wedding gift that will sustain through some of the rockier times later in their marriage.

unique wedding gift

If you are invited to the actual wedding ceremony, but cannot attend, it’s considered proper etiquette to send a gift. But if you’re invited to a belated reception that usually takes place after an elopement or a destination wedding it is not compulsory to bring a gift. The standard procedure is to send the gift before the wedding if one is not being able to be present for the ceremony. Some couples have a series of celebrations before the wedding, like a bridal shower and an engagement party. Generally separate gifts are given for the wedding and the bridal shower. Since engagement parties are more recently making their way back on the scene, not much of guidelines has been provided yet.

unique wedding gift1

Work on different gifting ideas according to your relationship with the couple. Gift for friends will be different from family or superiors. Even if the bride and groom didn’t get you a gift, it’s no excuse to not get them one. It may have hurt your feelings at the time, but maybe your friends weren’t in the position to buy a gift, or maybe they couldn’t attend your wedding and didn’t know proper gift etiquette themselves But make sure on your part that you never go empty handed to any wedding.